Michael Shifter


Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor


We all carry unique life experiences that hold equally varied simple and complex points of wisdom woven into each. As such, our wisdom is meant to be carried with us in the present and on to the future to guide decisions, conversations, and ultimately our relationships with one another. This approach has helped my clients and I bring meaning and value to painful experiences leaving behind negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make living in today difficult. 


Life threw me a lot of curveballs starting at a young age and I have thrown a few back that didn't turn out so well. Those experiences consistently help me to begin to relate to those I work with as we un-blend past reactions to create healthy healed responses for the present. I work with clients to create a sense of internal safety and peace of mind 

After growing up in the DMV area, I received my undergraduate degree in Dallas, Texas in Business Leadership and my graduate degree in Clinical Counseling in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Throughout that time, I have enjoyed various jobs where I have found opportunities to connect to others from diverse backgrounds. I enjoy providing psychoeducation and skills to my clients as we pursue goals that treat core issues as they are ready.


I look forward to meeting each of my clients where they are at, clarifying issues, and discovering with them what their full life looks like.